International Co-Producing

The challenges of co-producing fiction and documentary projects can be as breathtaking as the films and series themselves, yet sometimes it makes sense and possibly crucial to have an Israeli partner.

We at Vice Versa Films are familiar with local film funds, broadcasters and financiers. While we cannot guarantee success, we are excited to produce international projects or support your projects as co-producers, opening doors for financing your scripted and unscripted projects.

To be honest, Israel does not have a stellar track-record with minority co-productions. While filming is relatively easy, the rules and regulations concerning financing are often unfavorable to foreign filmmakers and international projects. There is obviously a room for improvement in development, production and completion funding, especially for international projects.

The worldwide recognition of Israeli films and series has not gone unnoticed here, however, and the exceptional talent of local filmmakers and drama series show-runners that underpin these success stories is often celebrated.

Making Israel a hub for financing and co-productions is a challenge for the local film industry in the upcoming years, and there are promising signs. Vice Versa Films is committed to participating in this effort. We look forward to discussing your future projects and to presenting you with our own series and films in development.

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