The Red Orchestra

Documentary | 102 min. | Germany, Belgium, Israel 2020 | Languages: German, French, English, Hebrew. Subtitles: English, Hebrew
Director: Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
The Red Orcestra, Israel 2020

This film examines the story and historical legacy of the World War II resistance network, Rote Kapelle, by incorporating interviews with descendants of the group members, archival materials, and excerpts from two quite dissimilar espionage thrillers about the Red Orchestra that were produced in the 1970s in East Germany and West Germany.


Directed by Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
Co-directed by Lorenz Findeisen
Produced by Joachim Ortmanns, Isabelle Truc and Gidi Avivi
Script by Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
Editor: Martin Kayser-Landwehr
Cinematographers: Lutz Reitmeier, Olivier Verdoot


RBB, ARTE and RTBF; DFFF, FFA, Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW and Tax Shelter Belgium