Looking for Moshe Guez

Documentary | 75 min. | Israel 2011 | Languages: Hebrew, English Subtitles: English
Director: Avida Livny

Looking for Moshe Guez is a personal documentary by Avida Livny: “When I was a 10-year old boy a friend invited me to watch a must-see video that his older brother has rented: a horror film that included nude scenes and violent images of rape and of children being murdered – all in Hebrew. After many years I have found out that this film, which transformed my childhood, is considered by some to be the worst Israeli film ever made, that his director has disappeared, and so have the film reels – and that most likely I am the only person who still remembers it. I have decided that I have no choice but to look for Moshe Guez, the director, and find out his long lost film, The Angel was a Devil…”

Festivals & Awards

Haifa International Film Festival


Directed by Avida Livny
Produced by Gidi Avivi
Script by Avida Livny

Editor: Era Lapid
Cinematographer: David Zarif
Sound Designer: Aviv Aldema
Sound Recording: Yossi Hason, Ravid Dvir, Rotem Engel
Original Music: Jonathan Bar Giora


Cinema Project – The Rabinovich Foundation
Noga Communications – Channel 8
HOT Israel