Late Bloomers

Documentary | 4x45 min. | Israel 2021 | Languages: Hebrew, Russian. Subtitles: Hebrew
Director: Yoav Shamir
Late Bloomers, Israel 2021

A four-part documentary series about a diverse group of retirees who exemplify in their own unique ways a saying attributed to George Bernard Shaw: Youth is wasted on the young. The inspiring life stories of the participants and their candid views about retirement and the effects of age on their bodies, love life and dreams are often surprising, humorous and hopeful.


Directed by Yoav Shamir
Produced by Gidi Avivi and Yoav Shamir
Script by Yoav Shamir
Editors: Yael Bedarshi, Ori Derdikman, Yasmine Novak, Ronit Porat, Noa Yaffe
Cinematographers: Tanya Aizikovich, Yoav Shamir


Reshet 13