Freedom Runners

Documentary | 50 min. | Israel 2016 | Languages: Hebrew, Arabic, English Subtitles: English
Director: David Wachsmann

Rotem Genossar, a teacher at the Bialik-Rogozin campus in south Tel Aviv, founds a running group for his students, young African refugees whose families fled their homeland and now live in Israel without any legal status. At first running is just a social activity for the students, but it quickly becomes a means to fight for their civil rights, part of a struggle to secure them a place of their own, out of the margins of Israeli society.

Festivals & Awards

Solidarity Human Rights Film Festival


Directed by David Wachsmann
Produced by Gidi Avivi
Script by David Wachsmann

Editor: David Reinlib
Cinematographer: Adi Moses, David Wachsmann
Sound Designer: Aviv Aldema
Sound Recording: Ronen Geva
Original Music: Dafna Keenan
Distributor: Seventh Art Releasing


Gesher Multicultural Fund
Channel 10, Israel